Part Three- How To Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

Invest In Basics, Classics Are Not the Enemy

The LBD, dark denim, a black pump, Leather jacket, crisp white button down etc etc. You see these over and over again in every single Style Guide imaginable. You may think these are boring and yes they can be if worn together day end and day out. The truth is basics/ classics are the necessities to a Recession Proof Wardrobe.

The three key reasons that makes Basics Recession Proof are:

Timeless +Transitional +Versatile =You Save Money.

When I say timeless, I mean never looking dated. This recession is going to last for some time and you will have to stretch your dollar. You don’t want any one to say your outfit looks 5 seasons ago.

Transitional means it can be worn through 3 if not all 4 seasons. Dark denim looks just as great with a chunky sweater as with a cotton tank top. Same goes for a white button down and or Black trousers.

Versatile- Classics have the ability to at minimum go with three things you want to purchase and or three things you own. Too add to that, classics can take an over the top piece and tone it down and still make the impression that where going for. Classics are the core of your wardrobe and from that you can build your wardrobe with over the top pieces.

There is two parts to this as well. Even though we are in a recession, I do suggest you go for great quality classics that will sustain time. There is nothing worse than a white button shirt that is yellow or a faded black turtleneck. Invest in classics they are going to be worn more than 70% of the time. Medium price retailers such as J. Crew and Banana Republic have made millions off of Classics and very often they even go on sale.

Here Goes the List below-

1. The White Button Down Shirt

2. A Black Dress

3. Cropped Leather Jacket

4. Black Pump

5. Dark Denim

6. Dark Car Coat

7. Black Trousers

8. Cardigan

9. Medium Size Leather Tote