Shareen's Vintage- Amazin As All Hell!

Two trains, ice, sleet and a plowed in doorway led me to Shareen's Vintage out in Manhasset over the weekend and it was a joyous experience. Warning- there will be a lot of hatred after this post. So what are the great things about Shareen's- how do I count the ways? First of all it is super cozy, its like trying on clothes in your apartment- great lighting, amazing mirrors and impecabble service. In addition the prices are excellent, lastly, there is an amazing collection of pieces from the late 40's up to late 1980's early 90's. It was such an amazing experience of shopping the racks knowing you where getting something no one has. I pranced through the racks looking for the usual, anything fur, and dresses. Personally, I like certain vintage pieces more than others. I love vintage fur, I love long jersey dresses and then belts and bags. Shareen had all of that and although I had to edit my picks, I scored an amazing coat dress, a wool tunic, sequin belt and a brocade dress with mink trim- tres chic. Shareen's was a great experience and I hope you get a chance to visit her store in LA or when she comes to NY in January. Check out her site and see a few pics below and enjoy your holiday! See you in the New Year!

Dress with Mink Trim

Shareen's collection of Designer Vintage

Wall of Vintage Hats at Shareen's