Beauty Products on the Cheap- Hair Care

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! Ha I wish I had Rapunzel’s locks but hey I make due. For the third part in this series I bring to you hair care on the cheap. These products are great and I swear by them-

Dove Volume Therapy Shampoo Extra Volume

I don’t know the exact ingredients in volumizing shampoo but, I do know I love the feeling of super thick locks after a shampoo. Unlike conditioner which can sometimes weigh fine hair down, this shampoo which usually cost about 4 bucks leaves your hair light.

Pre-Shampoo treatment

Coconut Oil

GNC, Vitamin Shoppe are great places to find cheap and natural treatments for hair, face and body. By far my best discovery has been Coconut oil and using it as a pre shampoo treatment. If you have used hot oil or even Ojon before, coconut oil is cheaper and better. I smoother it in my scalp and ends, sleep in it and wash out the following morning. It soothes my scalp which can get super itchy from working out. It also seals the cuticle of your hair, leaving it super glorious and shiny.

Adore Semi-Permanent Color

Permanent color can due serious damages on the best of us. Also if you do have permanent color it has a tendency to fade from the sun and of course shampoo. This line of rinses is excellent in that it ads a drop of color to your cuticle without the damage of peroxide. If you want to hold off from color but want an excellent shine, I would go with the Clear which is an amazing silicon coat on the hair. If you are brunette try Paprika which gives you a richer, warmer hue. At $4.99 you can’t go wrong and it doesn’t leave residue on your scalp like so many other colors.

John Frieda Frizz- Ease

After the wheel, frizz ease is the best invention ever. Gone are flyaways and unsleek curls or bone straight do’s. This product cast a series vote of confidence in making all types of hair manageable but closing the hair shaft and making it impenetrable to humidity. So you can have locks, curls or a doobie that doesn’t look like the humidity has shot you!

Salerm Leave In conditioner

It’s a heat protectant and excellent for blow outs, roller sets or air drying. You need a dollop and just work it through your hair. It leaves your hair silky and soft and again protecting it from heat.

Okay guys; hope I have been of help to you regarding hair care that doesn’t break the bank. Stay tuned for our final installment about body tomorrow!
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I love using coconut oil. I cook with it and I use it on my skin. I think people who don't use it are missing out on the many health and beauty benefits of this gift. It lowers cholesterol and makes your skin healthier.