The Celebration Outfit!

I called it last week that the first lady would be wearing Jason Wu and did she wear it. Mixing both traditional- a few past First Lady's wore white and a mix of alternative- one shouldered, flowy and by an emerging designer- Jason Wu. The First Lady also cast an eye on alternative accent points and cut. The decolletage is one of the sexiest parts of a women’s body and choosing to showcase her collarbone, arms and back while still maintain a level of modesty is what a fashionable person does. In addition, when the Times stated that the First Lady would have a hand in uplifting American fashion, it was indeed correct. Will sales go through the roof- I doubt it. What you will see is a return to women not having an excuse to not look great at any cost. Part of what shop, eat and sleep’s platform has always been that looking great is not designated to an income level or time status. Looking great has no demographic- you have to want to.

Isabel Toledo toiled for years in the industry and had a recent setback as she was hired then fired from iconic brand Ann Klein. Jason Wu has been a Vogue staple since his arrival a few seasons back. Toledo is the designer of the First Lady’s Inaugural outfit and Wu designed her gown. The Inaugural suit was chic, conservative and fashion forward, the highlight was the green leather gloves. As my mother would say “It’s the little things that create the knock-out outfit”