Live Your Best Wardrobe- Having a Tight Coat Game

Step up Your Coat Game!

As a New Yorker I am use to long winters so I love shopping for coats and every fall I dive into purchasing an impeccable coat for the long winter ahead. That is why you will never hear me complain about winter, I actually look forward to pulling out a statement coat. When Spring arrives oh how I love to pull out a rain or shine coat. I treat April and May as though it is Easter Sunday everyday.
Below, I have made a list of what coats you should have to help you through your entire wardrobe days and nights.

The Trench

A great fitting trench means you are handling your business. Everyone swears by Burberry and if you can catch it on sale- life is good. I do suggest you also look into off price department stores like Marshall’s and Filene’s I recently saw a Dolce and Gabbana trench for $125 bucks. H&M made a stunning classic trench this season as well and don’t dear pass up Gap or Old Navy. I bought a denim trench from Old Navy seven years ago for $4.99 and I still rock it.

A Fur

P.E.T.A. can kiss my ass! A nice fur can not only keep the cold out but it will make you look like a million bucks. If you are hesitant on laying out tons of dollars, or also want to be P.C. try a vintage store. I think old school furs look better than the furs of today but hey- what do I know? Fur is not only mink but also seal and pony skin as well which lower key than chinchilla is.

Leather Blazer

A bad ass leather blazer gives many people a cool factor. Fonzie, James Dean and Rihanna make leather look so cool. Leather use to be super expensive but again with great chains like the Gap, Bebe and Express, which recently had a leather trench for $250 it is now affordable. Leather is carried everywhere and can fit it to every budget it’s all about of course timing.

Denim jacket

Kids, adults and seniors love denim jackets. Just stay away from the rhinestones and you will be great! Again it’s not about price. Wrangler and Levi’s make some classics as well as Rock and Republic. Don’t front on the higher end jackets either- they go on sale. Bloomy’s has gotten a lot of my money for Marc Jacobs and Seven denim jackets.

The Spring coat a.k.a. Rain or Shine Coat

My grandmother loves nothing more than to see a lovely rain or shine coat. I look forward to pleasing her every spring with a new purchase. She is moved to tears with a pink Tracey Reese one I have that we copped at Daffy's for fifty bucks. It's the Southern Baptist in us and the love of Easter Sunday that probably makes us love a great Spring Coat. I own too many to count but, there is nothing more elegant than a lightweight coat that keeps you warm on those chilly Spring mornings as well as adds a hint of glamour. Daffy's is my go to place, Filene's has an amazing collection- I have seen Armani and Missoni there. Also, don't sleep on Forever they pull out a few greats every season. As for designer's Marc by Marc Jacobs does an amazing one every season- just hold out until its markdown. Of course, Tracy Reese is my hands down fave. She makes a number of coats and jackets every season that give me witch vibes.

¾ Wool Coat

Everyone runs to basic black and it is safe and a great go to. Camel is the runner up as well and can be super luxurious. The only thing with a wool coat that makes me cringe is when it is in need of a serious visit to the dry cleaner. Black shows dirt. It shows dirt and lint and dog hair as a matter of fact. Take it to the dry cleaners at least twice a year.

I hope this has been helpful. I really want everyone to be the best dressed person they can be! Live your Best Wardrobe Week has been super fun! All right guys, I have just two more left, bags and shoes and then you can run out shopping or make the right list. Stay tuned my friends!
E. Grace said...

I feel validated...
I have em all from the even the pearls, chandelier earrings!!!!!!!
Look at me America...LOL