Live Your Best Wardrobe- Part Two- Key Pieces for your Jewelery Collection

After undergarments and of course the actual outfit, the highlights to your gear are accessories and outwear. As part of the Live Your Best Wardrobe Series I have dedicated today’s post to the key pieces for your Jewelery collection.

Diamond Studs
Nothing says class and polish like a nice pair of studs. They go with anything and especially if you are in a conservative environment studs are a minimal but still potent accessory. Studs are carried at every jeweler from big names like Cartier to Macy’s down to Kay’s. They are an amazing investment and this is where you will here me say that you should spend a little extras Diamonds are Forever.

Gold Hoops

Hoops are an undeniable necessity. Once only worn around the way, they are now cross cultural staples. A small pair can add a little kick to a casual outfit and a huge pair will make you the talk of the town. Here is a piece of advice, the small ones should be an investment piece 14k solid gold, your big ones you can go cheap- I mean real cheap Forever 21, Claire’s. I doubt you will wear them that often so you can stash some green for another day.


The ultimate lady accessory, pearls can be a little too goodie goodie to some. However, you can have fun with pearls even if you are a major trendsetter. Again, if you are conservative make them an investment piece real or fake. Mikimoto may hit you in the gut but also try Carolee. Jackie O. had a false pair and it won’t hurt if you rock a falsie here or there.

Chandelier Earrings

I am queen of long shoulder grazing earrings. I don’t need a special occasion; I just need to wake up. A stunning pair of chandelier earrings can make the simplest outfit say “Pow!” or “BAM”. If you rock a LBD, then pair of chandeliers are calling for you to put them on. I am up in the air on whether or not you should pluck down major change on a pair. I have quite a few that I have paid 3 or 5 bucks for worn with a gown and gotten major compliments. It’s up to you. Costume jewelry doesn’t have that inferior complex it once had. Now if you don’t have a couple of piece soft paste as they call it back in the day, you’re not a real fashionsista.

Cocktail ring

Want a statement piece? The cocktail ring will bring you more conversation than anything. I love this amazing adornment because it just screams that you like to have fun with what you wear. Noir is known for some impeccable rings as well as good old fashioned Forever 21. I have never paid more than $6 bucks for one at Forever and I love each one.

A Brooch

As a teenager I rummaged through my grandma and my mother’s jewelry boxes and pulled out their brooches when I wanted to look grown up. However odd I may have looked in the halls of my high school with a brooch, I nonetheless though I was channeling sophistication. Whowouldathunk? A brooch is like all the other key pieces I have highlighted, they add a wow factor and they channel the old guard at the same time. H&M as well as Loehmanns carries a great assortment. The bigger the bolder but play it safe if you aren’t ready for the stares.

Classic watch

Faux Jacobs beware this may not be for you. Of course the Cartier Tank is the reigning classic next to Hermes but for those on a budget stick to a classic watch with a great leather band. If you prefer metals, so many well priced watchmakers have their own twist on the Cartier Tank. You will have no problem finding a version or two. This is when Macy’s One Day sales come in handy. They have an excellent selection of watches that are mid to low range and look classic.

Gold Cuff

Why gold, because I am thinking only of myself. Gold looks better on my skin than silver- sorry! A gold cuff was a key element to Mme. Chanel and every other fly ass chick these past decades. If you are a baller go to Tiffany’s, if not try your local street vendor- there are tons in the NYC. I also suggest you hit the hidden costume jewelry district that starts around 26th street and goes all the way to west 38th between Sixth and Broadway. On these streets you will find tons of shops that carry all of the items listed here for great prices and you won’t see tons of people with them. Earrings Plaza is one of my favorites and they are located on Broadway and west 31st. There I have purchased cocktail rings for $2.50 and dangly earrings for $4 bucks you can’t go wrong- just don’t go overboard because everything is so cheap!

As I leave you to make your shopping lists you lovely recessionistas, as an added tip I also suggest that to get the best pieces that no one will have hit up your local flea markets and vintage shops. The lovely ladies of previous generations where all about accessories.
Stay tuned my sisters- Coats, bags and shoes are coming up!