Live Your Best Wardrobe- Shoes Don't Lie

You can tell a lot by a person’s shoes- yes of yes in deed or as Medea says Hallaleugher! As part of Live your Best Wardrobe Series, I bring to you the Guide to what shoes you must have.

Classic Pump

Does it sound boring- maybe but it makes you pulled together and honestly pulled together can be better than fashionable. You can find a basic black pump anywhere. Just make sure its leather on leather with a decent heel no more than two inches. Black is of course the best hands down, this will be your go to pair. Every season designers from Christian Louboutin to Jessica Simpson do a classic pump and depending upon your budget cop two pairs. For some great priced ones I suggest Report Signature and Oh Deer- they will never break the bank!

Knee Boot

This too I advise to stick with black at most brown. A great strong leather- calfskin preferably and again a modest height heel. The classic knee boot gives a great silhouette to dresses and extends the line with jeans. We all know Blahnik makes a great pair- duh but so does Franco Sarto which is carried at DSW.


It is very disturbing when I see women wear sneakers to work- it is teribilistic. I always say- why don’t you invest in a nice basic flat? Why stockings and Reebok Pumps- why? The world was sandblasted with Tory Burch’s Reva and all of its knockoffs but I suggest you try Zara. Yes Zara you know why- there shoes are made in Spain by cobblers- Oh yeah European craftsmanship goes into the making of Zara shoes. Leather on leather comfortable and lasts for years and under $100 bucks. I don’t suggest a color because I don’t think I own a pair of Black flats. I see no problem with a leopard print pair or even a silver pair. I do suggest that flats should be taken care of like a new born baby. Have an extra layer of leather put on the sole and keep the heels in great shape.

Strappy Sandal or Evening Shoe

The strappy sandal is a necessity for any major social engagement. Black is great but so is silver and gold as they are neutrals as well. Stay away from the cheap ones- you will bust yo ass or cause serious damage to your feet. Again leather is your friend PVC or Man Made materials is the workings of the Devil! By having an evening shoe on hand, you will never be faced with that obligation of purchasing a shoe for a special occasion. Shopping under pressure never guarantees you Fashionista status.

Thong or Flip Flop

This is not the plastic flip flop which makes feet ashy and funky looking. Nor am I referring to the slippers found in Chinatown, save me the agony. There is a significant difference of a leather sandal from house shoes or pedicure shoes. I want to break ankles when I see them; they bring an outfit DOWN- DOWN! Maintain comfort and chicness with Jack Rogers, which were a favorite of Jackie O and of course mine. Also, Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret makes a great leather flip flop that lasts for many summers and goes for less than $40 bucks. These bad boys are sleek and cool and inexpensive- go for them.

With your shoe game in place I thought I address a debate that a friend of mine had asked me about over the weekend in regards to shoes .
T was part of a heated discussion recently that I thought was pretty good-

Is it easier to build an outfit around a pair of shoes or find the perfect pair to match an outfit?

T I have been up all night about this really I have. I guess the Libra in me is totally diplomatic in that I can see both happening depending upon the person. I can tell you personally, I have rarely built an outfit around shoes, I shop knowing that everything I buy has a purpose and a reason and a shoe to go with it and in my case a myriad of shoes. At the same time, I can totally see someone, working an outfit around a pair of shoes usually its matchy matchy which I am not a fan of. In other cases building an outfit around a shoe is harder much harder than matching a shoe to an outfit. I rather believe that a shoe should not be the de facto part of an outfit but as an accessory, it will play it position as a highlight to the outfit. Personally, my fashionistas look at their outfits as a family of orphans that compliment one another and all serve a purpose to make the person look as great as possible.

There you have it but I know there are a couple of people who disagree, if so, please send me your opinion on the matter!

Holla at your girl!
All Photos courtesy of Saks