Live Your Best Wardrobe!

The Lingerie Basics- Top to Bottom

Oprah Has Live Your Best Life. I say Live Your Best Wardrobe starting with Undergarments!Part One is Lingerie- because if it doesn’t fall right, it will never look right, so here are a couple of tips on stepping your bra and pantie game up!


The best bras give you great support and form. I suggest you get a fitting at any lingerie department of a major department store. This section has little old ladies that really care about what they do! From there, establish your wants from your needs- that nipplelesss, uber sexy lace piece is great on the hanger but unless you’re a call girl- and by the way I don’t discriminate my readership. But if your not, you will need a couple of nude and black ones- demi and full cup and if even better, ones that have interchangeable straps. Don’t forget to add a great push up one for the itty-bitty crew!


Thongs are great but recently, I have been tortured visually by thong lines and whale tale more than pantie lines ever did to me. Thongs can make small children cry if on the wrong ass. I like to think that a full brief does a better service to those more ample on the bottom than a thong but to each is own. If you still want dental floss I do suggest you go for a couple of full thongs, full briefs and panties in black and nude- please save the Minnie Mouse thongs for R.Kelly! Reds, and other colors and also certain textures are great but make sure the clothing you’re wearing isn't complete transparent - there is nothing worse than a lacy red thong under some cream pants- stop it stop it! Again, a full brief gives you better coverage of your cheeks- next to whale tale I hate to see booty slapping - this is not Magic City!

Support Wear

Spanx is great and I do suggest that everyone get a pair just to give you a smooth line. Certain fabrics can be unforgiving and sometimes underwear can cause for lumps and bumps to appear out of anywhere. Sometimes Spanx can be a little uncomfortable, in that case I suggest you get a pair of control top hose, cut it to mid thigh and you will get the same affect minus the asphyxia.


Unfortunately slips have become a thing we associate with our Grandmothers, but they shouldn’t be. Next to whale tale, I hate seeing someone’s jiggly ass cheeks in a sheer dress- Get a damn slip!


These are great layering pieces and if you have a top that happens to gap or plunges to low, a camisole is a sexy way of concealing you goodies. I suggest one in cream and black in silk or silk like fabric.


We have underwear for basic reasons and then we have it for seduction reasons. While you are searching for your basics, also grab a lacy number or three for those wild evenings. Trashy Lingerie and Fredrick's of Hollywood are the best. For real fun wear a sexy piece under your work outfit definite man down situation!- Hollla!

When shopping for lingerie some great places besides the usual VS are Daffy’s, Century 21, Target and even Filene’s Basement which carries the Elle McPherson line as well as Loehmann’s. For a bra fitting I suggest Bloomy’s or Saks and wait until they have a great sale- the little old ladies know what looks best on you! Last bits of advice- answer the door in you new purchases for your ahem- Man friend.
Anonymous said...

Thank you babe, I wish you were doing this 4 years ago I had to learn all my lessons the hard way. I am part of the tig ol bitties crew so i have had some traumatic experiences. I do want to say for my team chunk girls Lane Bryant is also great. They carry Cacique which used to have a full line (and is also coincidentally a mexican cheese lol) but now only do full size. I use them almos exclusively and they are really good and make a 42 DD looks excellent and not your grandma's over the shoulder boulder holder.

Thanks Shaun!