Mrs-O The American Fashion Icon!

Recently the Times wrote a piece on Michelle Obama and the possibilities she will breath life back into American fashion as well as the shot in the arm to our sluggish retail industry. Who would have thought this all from a former lawyer from Chicago? Part of what has made Michelle Obama a successful fashion icon and possibly the people’s champ especially in comparison with Clinton, McCain and Palin, is that one she has always enjoyed fashion. Second, she is a true purveyor of high and low. Lastly, she knows that clothing and image is an important factor when you are a public figure. Hello is that not what this blog is about? Now we have four years to watch the First Lady put on her own public fashion show. There is already a website dedicated to what Mrs-O wears. While in office, I am expecting strong classic pieces with touches of high end structure. You must remember she has been a major client at Chicago fashion staple Ikram for many years. She is a fan of non household name designers- Thakoon, Wu, Narciso Rodriguez and Loree Rodkin. If anything, Michelle Obama should be exalted for putting new designers on the national map. The Obama presidency is exciting for a number of reasons and what you truly realize is that a presidency is not only the actual Commander in Chief but also a reflection of his family. The role of the first lady is key to what other countries define the American woman and add to the fact she is young and black. First Lady Obama is very calculating in executing a strong image that for many like yours truly ,have born witness to for years but can finally see. It is amazing to look at someone who looks like me and has become this amazing public figure. See below at a few of First Lady Obama’s fashion forward looks!

On Sunday at the HBO Special at the Lincoln Memorial

On the Campaign trail

In August at the DNC