Stocking up your Winter Wardrobe with Sale Items

Yeah, I know it’s a recession but you here in the NYC it is colder than a mother up here and it won’t get any warmer any time soon. I propse that you take this time to find core basics and staples for your winter wardrobe. All the stores are having the best markdowns of the season. I was in Saks, Lord Taylor, Club Monaco and Zara recently and they had major markdowns on all of their Fall/ Winter merchandise. This means brothers and sisters, you should stock up on your winter wardrobe. I suggest you get a great statement coat and tons of amazing sweaters. Saw some boots in September; go see if they are still there! All those cashmeres you were lusting after in October, check on them in Bloomy’s I bet you they are 75% off. This is the prime time to find key items to look your best.

Now wait just a minute before you run out there. I still strongly suggest you follow the Shop, Eat and Sleep principles. Do a run through of your closet, see what is missing and access what you want and what you need. Also, don’t buy it because it’s on sale buy because it is an investment to your wardrobe. Now head off and treat the sales associates kindly!