Whatever Should I Wear? Inauguration Edition!

So with the Inauguration coming up in like less than a week, I've been hit with a few questions on what to wear to the numerous celebratory events taking place. Miss D, a fellow Technite,hit me up on Face Book as to what to wear while she takes part in history.

Miss D's first question was- Whatever Should I Wear to a celebratory event being held in a Northeast Club next Friday that says Black-tie Optional?

Well Ms. D Lo' Diva says-
DC maybe a conservative city of policymakers but it's also known as Chocolate City add to fact we have a Black President- I say pull out all the stops. When I mean all the stops, I mean excessorize! Have the hottest flyest earrings and bag and you'll be a showstopper! For you Miss D I thought we start with this LBD I found in the Sale Section of the BCBG website.

Sexy and safe but the wow factor comes in by adding these major excessories found on Girlprops.

This Bracelet from Girlprops will get you tons of Attention!
These earrings are showstoppers!

Major Bling at GirlProps

Mix in these ubersexy jewel toned high heels from Bebe and make sure you are the first on the dance floor when Young Jeezy's My President is Black Comes On! Bebe

Round it out with this Croc embossed clutch for $49 bucks from Banana Republic

Miss D's second question was how could she be cute and warm while watching the actual swearing in which takes place on the National Mall.
If the warmth of all the love you will encounter while taking part in history won't keep you warm, I saw this ooh so cute puffer on sale at Bloomy's.

If you're not big on purchasing a new coat, I do say go for cute layers and throw on this amazing faux fur pillbox I found over at the Urban Outfitter's site!

Urban Outfitters

While your taking part in history Miss D. throw caution to the wind- get as fly as possible and throw your hands up for the people who can't be there! Hope this was helpful!