Best Things to Buy Vintage


There is nothing more luxurious than fur. To all those PETA people kiss my ass and move on now! Fur coats from back in the day have more panache than modern furs which can look bulky and unflattering on most people. There are also certain skins that are no longer around today leopard, cheetah and seal that you will only find secondhand. A vintage fur is also much cheaper than furs today, if you spend more than $300 you are a fool!


If you are indeed a hat person, then a vintage hat is the way to go. Whether it’s a pillbox or a sharp fedora, most vintage dealers have amazing hats that add just the right amount of kick to an outfit.

Costume Jewelry

The best baubles ever are almost always vintage. Brooches, cocktail rings are better vintage than contemporary. The 50’s and the 60’s are periods where costume was at its creative peak.

Special Occasions Dresses

Vintage may be hard to pull off at most jobs but for special occasions vintage can be a stunning and utterly chic move. The lovely thing about vintage dresses is their originality but at the same time so many current silhouettes are replicas of past silhouettes, and cheaper. I have mentioned before that there are a number of designers such as DVF, Tibi, Milly, Mayle and Tracey Reese that are influenced heavily by vintage shapes and fabrics. At my last vintage day trip back in December, I saw a cocktail dress that was an exact copy of a Milly dress I had been obsessing about. The vintage dress was a slither of the $500 the Milly dress was.


We all know that the rage for spring will be jumpers. Every designer and their momma will have a one piece for you to purchase. Not to long ago, I purchased a leopard- yes leopard print one piece that is so Foxy Cleopatra. If you want to really pull the look off as though you have been rocking it for years I suggest go vintage and stay away from pricey trend crazy designers.

By the way guys there is a great time to go vintage shopping Zachary’s Smile is having a major blow out sale and check out a new favorite of mine in Brooklyn called Collecther. You can also try Ebay, Brooklyn Flea is great and of course get ready for the Vintage Day Trip.