Cure for Fashion Week Withdrawl- Vintage Shopping

On the LIRR on our way to Manhasset for Vintage Shopping

So what is a fashionista to do when Fashion Week is over, but she is still stimulated over sequins, jersey and fur? Head out to Manhasset Long Island on the LIRR with her girls to do some hardcore vintage shopping at Shareen's Vintage. What was once a secret known only to cool cali chica Claribel, it is now my favorite home base for amazing vintage pieces. I went looking for a leopard print coat but aaah another year no coat. Instead, I picked up four great dresses take a look at this one here-

Wool, Pucciesque with a sash

My fab chics scored even better than I did . Take a look at Elise in this stunning canary disco dress-

So fun so fab and the gold belt was a great accent piece as well as adding a great form. Suddenly I am getting a tinge of envy- Sike! Elise did even better with this glamorous teal long jersey gown shown below. I hope she adds a mean brooch or flower for a wow factor. Being the glamazon she is, Elise picked up this amazing fur stole- Hot!

Even better, Marci and Aisha really racked up. They defined editing as handing the empty hangers over to Kim, the salesgirl. They where super happy with their purchases and hopefully, they will keep me posted when they wear their vintage buys. Check out Marci, with this jumpsuit-

Shop, Eat and Sleep follower and middle school and high school buddie, Angela picked up a few great dresses that showed off her sexy physique. Which as a note is one of the great things about vintage. Cuts from the 50'- 70's where made to highlight a true female form. That means boobs, butt and hips. So whether you are curvy up top, or on the bottom or both, you'll find great things at Shareen's Vintage. Shareen is all about the sexy, zaftig siren in all of us and her shop and energy is all about celebrating the female form, loving yourself and appreciating what makes you looks great! Take a look at a couple more pics from the Vintage Day Trip and check out Shareen's site here for the next time she's in NY. Also, stay tuned for future post and upcoming Vintage shopping trips!

Angela's said Yeaaaah to these pieces!

After a long day of shopping, we head off for a drink!