Fab and Frugal with Vintage

Working Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

Outside of my basic mantra of being fab and frugal one point I have failed to deliver is the beauty of vintage and thrift shopping which is amazing on one’s wardrobe and wallet.

Vintage and thrift shopping isn’t for everyone, so many people throw their noses up at the aspect of wearing clothes worn by someone else. Or may think of vintage as the same thing as costume or period dressing. If so move along, I am not here to change your mind. If you are up for vintage you will find out that many of the labels that are adored and considered very fashionable get a lot of their inspiration from vintage. I have seen Marc Jacobs, Nicholas Gusquiere and John Galliano buying tons of pieces at Salvation Armies to get inspiration for their next collections.

I have two favorite spots I like to hit up for my vintage fix in NY. Hooti Couture is a kooky vintage lover’s dream. Former model Alison Hotte lives for the hunt of that amazing one of a kind piece and then passes it on to her costumers for amazing prices. My last trip back in November I garnered 7 amazing pieces for less than $250 bucks. Whether you are going for the 50’s screen siren, a 20’s flapper or an 80’s power suiter, Hotti is the place to dive head into.

My second favorite vintage spot is actually a sort of traveling caravan. Shareen Vintage has a concrete store on the West coast but once a month Shareen comes out to Manhasset and sets up shop with an astonish array of affordable and stunning pieces. Last time I was there one of Madonna’s stylist was shopping. Shareen carries high end designer pieces which are fair market and then there are the juicy vintage pickings that have inspired Tibi, Mayle and Tory Burch. I saw so many pieces that looked just like their Fall Winter line. Again, very good on my pockets, I spent under $200 and walked out with 4 classic pieces that I am dying to wear A.S.A.P. Shareen will hit NY this month on the 21st and the 22nd. Check out her site for exact directions or shoot me an email, I am scheduling a daytrip on the 21st let me know if you are down.

Again, Vintage isn’t for everyone but stay tuned for more postings this week on how to work vintage into your wardrobe!