Vintage 101- Accesories

Vintage is not for the fashion weary that are afraid that someone will not think that highly of them for wearing something old. Vintage is for the Fashionista who says screw you and your opinion; I don’t want to look like everyone on the street.

You are vintage curious and want to slowly get into the ways of wearing fab finds from years ago? Then I suggest you start with accessories as your first foray into recycled clothing. Outside of my vintage YSL prom dress, hats, bags and jewelry where actually my very first vintage purchases. This is right around the time that Gucci was resurrecting archival prints and the Jackie bag made a comeback. The Chelsea Flea Market and local church thrift shops became my stomping grounds for one of a kind baubles and headgear. I remember like it was yesterday when I ventured into the Antique Boutique and plopped down 10 bucks, an old school fedora that impressed my grandfather, a true southern gentleman. Next, Cheap Jack’s with a cream leather clutch with snakeskin trim. Screaming Mimi’s and the F.I.T. flea market got a lot of my paycheck due to my love for Art Deco inspired earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets. Once I started to show my family my love of vintage things, my mom, grandmother and even my uncle Gary, the Renaissance man, started to find things in the basement for me to wear. I have an amazing rhinestone necklace I wrap around my turtleneck that my grandfather bought my grandmother on a spur of romance.

If your family has thrown out all their vintage pieces, I still suggest you hit up the next church thrift store or flea market you pass by. There are some great flea markets that have a good amount of well priced vintage accessories. In BK there is the Brooklyn Flea, in Manhattan the Hell’s Kitchen Annex and in Queens there is the Aqueduct Racetrack flea market. Walk around and if something sparkly catches your eye, try it on and see how everyone will fawn over your oldie but goodie purchase.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s posting on how vintage can take you to well dress to hottest thing in the club!