All Day I Dream About Polyvore-

Having your own Red carpet Moment is simple with Polyvore. It's not only supplies the visual stimuli you need to create a wardrobe look but it also let's you link to the image's commerce site. Say you see a really cool Fendi bag, on Polyvore, you find the bag, click on it and you are lead to Bloomys.com or Net-A-Porter.com. Beautiful, isn't it? I decided to play around with it myself and I am officially addicted. A.D.I.D.A.P. Short for All Day, I Dream About Polyvore. Whether, it's my ideal cocktail party outfit, a royal wedding or just a night on the town, I am able to actually see what my head to toe outfit will look like- and if I am able to see that, I can nay or yay things without buying it trying it on! Please please promise me you' ll sign up to Polyvore and start setting up your dream outfits and inspiration board! Check out one that I have been hatching below-