Build Your Own Glam Team- Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair is part of my monthly budget. New York streets are hard on the most expensive shoes and that is where the Shoe Repair comes in. Whether it's having a pair resoled, lift replacement, front taps or even calves stretched, you have to have a shoe repair on speed dial. Finding one is hard work indeed, I will say it is actually a two step process looking for a great shoe repair. First canvas your neighborhood- the best are always old school men in residential areas on commercial strips. It that fails, ask your salesperson in your favorite department store, where they send their repairs to. If all else fails, google- can't go wrong with that.

A true shoe aficionado knows to take precaution and care of their shoes before they even take one step on these mean streets. Shoes need to be protected before you even wear them. Waterproofing, Sole and heel guards all minimize the wear and tear on shoes. Elastic extension and insoles make your shoes more comfortable. When the grind of pounding the pavement takes it toll- lift repairs are the most common and then of course heel repair- which has happened to me quite a few times.

Some shoe repair will even alter the height of your heel and for larger calves- extend a boot with leather. Many shops also carry the tools you will need to keep your shoes in tip top condition. Brushes, shoe polish, shoe stretch, arches, insoles and even shoe horns can all be found at your local shoe repair and worth the investment.

I consider my guy a life saver in that he has fixed a many of broken heels and lifts of some of my favorites. Keep in mind that a shoe repair is a necessity because a broke down heel on ladies and a lean to the side loafer for guys can be a deal breaker of an outfit!

Tam Francis said...

Do you have advice on which glue works best? I've tried rubber cement, super glue, and hot glue gun and none of them seems to hold, especially on my espadrilles.