Build Your Own Glam Team- The Tailor

Every celebrity has a Glam squad and you should too! As a matter of fact, you probably already have one whether it's a barber, colorist, or dry cleaner- you have a team already now you just need to step it up. This week, I 'll take you with a few that you maybe missing starting with the Tailor.

A great tailor can make a so-so jacket into a fly ass piece of outerwear. The right can give that a tad to long pant leg the right hem and break. A great Tailor can reinvent a wardrobe staple and make you fall in love with it again. So question- do you have one? If you said no- you better do some research and it's not that hard. If you know someone who is always on point with fit and their garments are sharp and hemmed, it will not hurt you to find out what tailor they go to. It is a dying craft but, there are tons still out there especially in NYC. If breaking ice with a well dressed stranger kills you, go into your favorite store and see where they recommend their customers go. I know, J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Club Monaco all use off site tailors. Even better step into a department store and ask one of the sales associates whom do they recommend. Seems simple now?

Build a relationship with your tailor by knowing what you want before you go to them. Be clear on how you want something to fit and understand that tailors are not magicians. If that jacket isn't closing, it doesn't fit- If there is a button missing- big difference! Also, bring visuals and always start out with an item of clothing that you can part with with something bad happens- God forbid! If you have been working with someone for a while you have a trusted relationship but, if this is new- don't throw yourself into it with say a Wedding Gown!

A tailor is a necessity for any Fashionista- male or female- Get started on your research and watch how a tailor can make your clothing compliment you the best!
Anonymous said...

I have always WANTED A TAILOR, I have just been too lazy to hit the skreets and find out where to get one. I defl'y need one that is experienced in the larger body.