Eye Brow Specialist- Glam Team

Brows are the shades to the windows of our soul- You like that? I've been grooming my eyebrows since junior high graduation and have not turned back since. Personally, I like to wax followed by having my ace- Glamarama tweeze but she is super busy and I have threaded a few times in my life and not been that crazy about it. An eyebrow groomer is a very special relationship and very sensitive one as well. How many times have you walked out of the chair all to look permanently surprised or even better little or no brows left at all. Who wants to fill them up for months until they grow back- I know I don't. If you have an eyebrow specialist- great you are probably already glamorous, but for those who don't ask around. Always seek out a person's whose brows you like- just keep in mind that shape has a lot to do with genetics. Both my mother and grandmother have thin brows and mine are rather thin as well. As a side note, shaving is horrible and should never be done under any circumstances ever!

If you are prone to a reaction post waxing or threading, dab a little bit of Hydrocortisone on the area to cool down the flare up.