Five Steps to your own Red Carpet Moment

The Oscars and Grammy's have just passed and as we watched the pop stars and movie stars walk down the red carpet with their amazing outfits, I know a lot of you are wondering how and why do they look great. Well, this week is a five part series to having your own Red Carpet Moment. These are the same tricks that the stars use just know that rather than the Oscars it's a christening , bat mitzvah or anniversary party. I assure you that by following these tips you will be gleeful the next time you walk out your house for that special occasion.

Step #1

Keep up with your social calendar

I can tell you that celebrities are always on point with thier social calenders. Whether it's a charity function or major awards show, they know weeks in advance if something is coming up. Civilians do the same thing- special occasions don't just pop up out of the blue. For example, wedding invitations are mailed at minimum 6-8 weeks before they take place. Birthdays maybe a little under two weeks. That is still enough time to plan an outfit or two. It is all about prioritizing and time management. You may think I'm silly but- hey the most stylish people take what they wear seriously and if you want to step your wardrobe game up- you have to plan accordingly.

A list a day keeps the doctor away

No what I want you to do is think about your closest friends and family and any special events that may take place in the next year. Now make a list of any and all of what they may be celebrating this year- don't forget to include yourself and your significant other. At bare minimum, you will be celebrating something for yourself.
After you's ve made your list of events, next to it place the season next to it. By placing the season, you'll know if you are working with your warm weather wardrobe or your cold weather wardrobe. It makes a major difference, believe me. Once you've worked out events and seasons take the time to access whether you have an outfit or three for these events. If you do have an outfit, great just make sure you are happy with it and later this week- I'll tell you what to do if you already have something. If you don't have anything to wear-write down what you are thinking about wearing. A brief sentence- like - Flirty cocktail dress with kitten heels. Simple and open for interpretation etc.

Go ahead and make your social calendar, I dare you! Now stay tuned for tomorrow's post on Creative Visualization or as I like to call it "How the Secret helped my Wardrobe"
Anonymous said...

Excellent Lo' Diva. I'm ashamed but I think I'm putting the baby's 1st birthday party on the list to find an outfit for.