How to Warm up your Wardrobe for Spring!

Spring is tricky, one day it’s 65 and sunny the following morning it’s 29 with a wind-chill of 14. What is a girl to do? This is when you start layering and making some of your spring and winter items work together so you don’t look like your afraid of the next few months nor will you look like you are dressed for South Beach. Here are a few tips.

Nothing more or nothing less. If you want to wear that Rain or Shine coat, throw a sweater on underneath and a scarf on top. If it get’s to warm you just fold those pieces into your tote.

Dark tights look great against your spring pieces.
I have a seasonal skirt that I get most use out of in the summer but I am becoming tres bored with my winter bottoms. With my cashmere hoodie, pitch black tights and boots, my summer skirt pops out and I am enthralled about my outfit.

Change your beauty routine
It may still be a little chilly but, add a pop of summer color on your lips or nails to dream up those warm days soon.

Summer color accessories are always in season.
Coral and turquoise are summer colors. Add some spunk to that grey and black sweater with a pair of turquoise hoops. Even better a Pucci hat against that oh so drab winter coat will be fierce!

Alright guys, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what to pack away now and what to keep out for spring.