The Obama Arms Race

In the NY Times today they have decided to dedicate another article to Michelle Obama’s arms- oooh! Yes they are toned and silky coco limbs but I think it would be great to talk about fitness on this post. Schedules are crazy now and the last thing some people are doing is adding to their budget with a gym membership but with a few additions that are not costly at all. You can get into your summer svelte self and even get those ‘Bama Arms. Stores like Modell’s, Sport’s Authority and even Target are great retailers when you are looking for basic fitness equipment. I say start with these five basics and you can’t go wrong on your way to being in tip top shape.
You need sturdy footwear for your free cardio workouts around your neighborhood- Hello! Hit up your local Foot Locker or Nike for a pair with support of your arch and ankle and shock absorption. They don’t have to be super duper sleeked out- hell check the sales rack for a pair of old school table tops, it won’t kill you!

Jump Rope

Jumping Rope is a great workout, not only is it a form of cardio but it also works your abs and your upper body. Remember how fit you where as a kid? There you go- A great athletic based rope won’t set you back more than $10 bucks at the most.

Yoga Mat
Hardwood floors can kill your back when you are trying to do planks. A cushioned mat will do wonders again under $10 bucks

Free Weights
Beginners should go for 5 pounds and if you’d like step it up with more weight. This is where you will get those killer guns like our First Lady. Under $15

Body Ball AKA the resistance ball
You can do extensive body work with the resistance ball and work on your balance at the same time. Under $20

There you go a home made gym for less than $100 bucks guys! Now drop and give me twenty!