Spring Ahead!

It's March which means I am dying to pull out one of my 30 or so spring coats and hide all of those heavy winter puffers. Winter is long in the NYC and I crave a complete move to Miami every single March but still it hasn't happened. In place of my fantasy of living on Ocean Drive, I have started to go buck wild on Polyvore creating a smattering of Spring ensembles for events that have not taken place. Take a look below at what I like to call- my Jackie O. having dinner in Malta outfit -

Summer event

Love it! So chic and I just saw the most fab white jean in Forever 21- can you believe it?

Last weekend, I caught a major case of Cabin Fever with the 60 degree days and found myself walking down Fifth Ave and having major major inspiration for my Spring wardrobe. Now bear in mind, I try to hold back on Spring purchases until I actually pull out my spring summer pieces which doesn't happen until next month and honestly my Spring wardrobe is more coats and flats than anything else. Here are two recent pieces that I think are incredible additions to a Spring wardrobe and super affordable.

Silk Cream dress from Twelve by Twelve $32

Four pocket studded trench by Tracy Reese $150

Next time you head out for lunch do a quick survey of the windows and start fantasizing what you'll be wearing come SPRING!