Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe

It may or may not feel like Spring is here but nonetheless before you know it, the temperature will be 60 and you will be sweating in a shear ling. At the same time, you don't want to catch walking pneumonia from only wearing a windbreaker so how do you avoid that- here are six easy ways to transition and be prepared for spring dressing.

1.Keep the light sweaters out but pack away your bulky ones.
2. Invest in trouser socks for your flats. They are cute- especially a fishnet pair and if it gets super warm, you can just pull them off.
3.Move your lighter items closer to the middle of the closet and heavier ones to the back.
4. Anything stained take to the cleaners now.
5. Moth balls are toxic and extreme- pick up some cedar chips or blocks at Bed Bath and Beyond and place them in your storage bins.
6. Take inventory on what you really want and don't want, if you haven't done your taxes yet- fine your clothing donation could be a nice write off!