What is your Beauty Budget?

I like to think that I have always been frugal so with recent articles on stretching blowouts or scrimp on manipedis are very rare to me. Before this whole fiscal crisis, I told the whole world about my fierce blowout for less than $20 bucks at Sisters Salon. To feed you in on more recessionista beauty tips- I get a manicure for $6 bucks in my hood. To make it last I apply topcoat on a daily basis. Thanks to Lifebooker, I have never paid more than $30 bucks for a facial . Waxing is pretty inexpensive at Randee Elaine Spa. While tallying up my beauty budget- yes I have one. I came to the conclusion that I spend less than $100 a month on beauty treatments. Hair, nails, facials, everything less than $100 not bad considering that is half of what a lot of people pay for highlights. Can I do my hair myself- not really, I'll be honest and as a matter of fact, I know I can't. If I had to I would, but it would take me eight hours to do what is done in 90 minutes and I don't feel half as great. . Don't even get me started on pedicures- yikes! I lack the crafty good with my hands gene that all the women in my family have. Last week I told you guys that Spaweek is coming up- $50 dollar massages, tanning, body scrubs, and facials- at some of the top spas in NY. Lifebooker is also a great website for cheap last minute beauty treatments. AMNews and Metro have ads from pretty decent spas- Randee Elaine which I mentioned earlier is always advertising in both. Although we are in a recession, looking your best is never an option. You may have to downsize were you go or make the appointments a little less often but nonetheless, look your best. Also, ask your hairstylist, manicurist if they have specials. For example after 8 treatments at my nail place, you get a free eyebrow waxing or manicure. Some hairstylist offer discounts if you make an appointment during off peak times. Place your pride aside and ask, hell disguise your voice and call. Your favorite place maybe doing a recession special- Angelina Jolie's hairstylist, Ted Gibson recently started Recessionista Tuesdays ranging from $40- $150 treatments at his salon and he has a superstar clientele and rates as high as $300 bucks!
Anonymous said...

I agree....looking good should never be an option...while searching for beauty deals ladies should never forget sanitation...such as taking your own nail kit, paying attention to waxing procedures..(Application sticks, gloves etc). Also stocking up on cosmetics during deals, coupon codes, free shipping etc..