Your Red Carpet Moment - Visual Aid

Beyonce Does It!

As does Gwen and Jennifer Lopez!

They rip apart magazines, tag vintage fashion books all to convey an image to their stylist(s). Whether its blogs, magazines or TV, documented coverage is growing and that is why you need to develop that into your own Red Carpet Moment. These ladies are fab all the time because they are visual. You need to do the same thing when you are working on your own Red Carpet Moment. It’s quite easy, the next time you see an image that you like, rip it out and either tack it to your wall of inspiration, or keep a folder of pics that you can call your Style Reference Portfolio. On video and photo shoots, the director or the photographer will show the hair, makeup and stylist images as inspiration and I will tell you form experience it almost always keeps all creative individuals on the same page. It will be a major help for you the next time you’re sourcing something for a special event.

How many times have you walked out of a store frustrated and the staff even more frustrated when you are looking for something specific to wear? They keep bringing you things and it’s not what you’re looking for. You know why- you don’t have a visual of how you want to look and 9 times out of 10 you and the salesperson are speaking two different languages. If you have a specific image or two you will have a better way of communicating to the salesperson what you’re looking for. You will probably have an easier time finding an outfit you like.

Here are the top three sources for Visual Inspiration

Magazines- Nuff said

Blogs- Red Carpet Awards, The YBF

Polyvore- The best ever, you can actually create a storyboard of an outfit!

Here’s your homework for tonight- Go through two old magazines or two blogs. Pull out two images from each magazine of an outfit, makeup or hairstyle you like. Do the same for the blog except print or do a screen shot? will be the second part which we will discuss tomorrow.
Don’t believe me that having a visual works wonders for you- check my friend the beautiful Sammy J. For a recent reunion she sought to have a black leather dress reworked by her tailor. Wondering where she got her inspiration from- no other than Rihanna.

Now, controversy aside, Rihanna has killer style her stylist Mariel Haenn is amazing. Sam had the dress which was a regular sheath, used this image as her inspiration, took the dress to her tailor and voila.

Shorty right there is a ten!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on Practice makes Perfect.