9-5 Vintage Style

You all know my love for vintage, countless posts have been dedicated to my two favorite dealers- Shareen and Hooti. By the way Shareen has relocated to Manhattan from Long Island.Upcoming May dates are the 16th and 17th. I am hoping she has tons of long shirt dresses with tons of buttons. Nine to Five the movie, which is now on Broadway is one of my favorite films for fashion inspiration. Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda wore those jersey dresses to a tee! Alison, the owner of Hooti has made me obsessed with all dresses circa late 70's early eighties. With the Broadway revival of Nine to Five, my collection of secretary dresses will explode. I get tons of compliments on my vintage work dresses.Very few even know they are vintage because of their timeless form, modernity and the fact that every contemporary designer copies it. Check out my newest addition:

The key to buying vintage and not looking like an outdated floozy, is to pic classic pieces with modernity.
Best place for cheap, modern vintage pieces are Shareen's Vintage and Hooti Couture! Hurry up and let out your inner Jane Fonda!
Shareen's Vintage 13 west 17 st 2nd Floor May 16- 17
Hooti Couture 321 Flatbush Ave Sunday-Saturday 11-8