Give Cheap Face

So I am super low on all of my facial moisturizers. Yesterday I stopped in Duane Reade to check on any price worthy beauty creams- I gasped when I saw that Olay is up to $45 bucks- and damn near fainted at the other lines. This is coming from someone who has purchased makeup and beauty products at 99 cents stores and her Derm is okay with it! Since I was being so damn cheap, I picked up this by St.Ives-

St. Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer

Tried it this morning and it seems to do the trick! It's not sticky, I haven't broken out and my whole dry brow bone issue isn't happening- I am sold and to add to this miracle, it only cost for $6 bucks for something like 10 ounces! Hip Hip Hooray! I am going to give this bad boy a try for at least two more weeks, to see what effects I get but I think we have a winner!