School Daze Specials

Last week the Times ran an article about bookings going up at Beauty schools for student services- click here to read. I was all over that article being the recessionista that I am. With further investigation, I found even more bargain beauty services. Aveda Institute does highlights for as low as $45, Christine Valmy beauty school has pore treatments for $35, The Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy has a package of 6 sessions for $150 which comes down to $25 per massage- which is less than spa week and even less than my Chinatown hookup - ooooh we! If these places aren't near you Google your nearest Beauty School and see if they offer a Clinic services which really means Students practice on you. Warning, it's much cheaper but it may not be as fast as you want it. Go ahead give it a try and remember you can be Frugal and Fabulous!