Spa Week Review- W!NK Eco Beauty Bar

Spaweek has come and gone and hopefully, you booked a $50 dollar service. In my part to stimulate the economy, I went for a massage at Brooklyn's newest full service spa, W!nk Eco Beauty Bar. Located in Prospect Heights, I choose W!nk because it was new, local, sister owned and Eco friendly. The product lines, practices and storefront design reflect a green attitude. Reminder it's Earth Day everyday! At W!NK, I received the Ecossage similar to a Swedish massage which release tension and toxins within surface muscles. The Ecosssage is normally priced at $75, Spaweek prices had it at $50! I don't have any major aches and pains just basic stress and tension points. After kneading me to blubber, my therapist suggested a home remedy for my very tense shoulders caused by bag carrying. A simple rub of Vick's and warm towels on the area. Before bed, I tried it and ended up sleeping like a baby!

W!nk Eco Beauty Bar has some amazing services, including a rehab for your nails cutely titled AA as in Acrylic Anonymous. The Body care services offered sound smashing try the Bikini and Butt Facials. A definite if you're getting your bod beach worthy. W!nk is great for Brooklyn, Shop, Eat and Sleep and Mother Earth- so hurry up and get your butt, hands and face summer ready. Appointments are strongly suggested even for lighter services like Manicures. Hurry and go forth and be fly!

620 Vanderbilt Ave cr. of St Marks


By appointment Monday and Tuesday

Wed-Fri 11-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-5