TopShop Finally

Well, I made it to TopShop about a week after it opened, believe me I was super excited to get there- my first experience was in '05 across the pound- I still cry like a baby after I lost my TopShop virginity. So am I impressed- yes and no.

TopShop is great for the trend lover who is okay with moving on from a piece six months to a year from now. I on the other hand, even if I don't pay a lot for something, want it to last me at minimum two years although I have many pieces well over that time frame. Acid wash jeans- check- multi colored dresses- check, all things 80's yes, but, I grew up in the 80's and dearly there is nothing worse than doing an era you lived in- sort of like vintage on senior citizens- powerful awful.

With four floors of shiny happy things, the staff is far more engaged than H&M, Bloomingdale's Prada and Forever 21 combined- shocking. I counted not 1, not 2 but 3 smiles from sales staff and even when laying down rules such as no accessories in changing rooms- it didn't come across as a power hungry mandate, instead an actual rule you didn't mind following.

Getting to the clothing- again trends galore- and many pieces the frugal franny in me could easily see at H&M or Forever. $600 bucks for a sequin gown isn't bad but, in TopShop it's insulting. Leggings and leopard ran over on me but the shoe department was a savvy and sweet space. Colorful and fun Eurocentric knockoffs of LV, Marc Jacobs and Brian Atwood, I was very pleased at my options. Earrings, and other things where not exactly the bargain I was looking for. See, I am spoiled with landing great deals and it reflects on my shopping habits. I have extreme hubris as an amazing deal finder- crackhead prices I have been labeled. Nonetheless, $40 bucks for a pair of plastic beaded earrings is unacceptable, especially if the same pair is found in the wholesale district for one fourth the price. Do the math three extra train stops and savings of $30 bucks- you decide. One pair, that reminded me of a Seminole princess bride started falling apart as I walked around the store, I passed them on to a very concerned sales associate.

What did I get

After, a brief edit of just three things I narrowed it down to this Alice McCall dress

Sexy, fashionable and a decent price-$135. Cheap- no but with the level of fashion forwardness and the high level of not seeing it everywhere I go, it was well worth the price. I was content with one thing, I just wanted to validate my TopShop visit and see if the Yankee in me could support British sizing and prices on her native soil. Then it hit me- huge cuff that will inspire major conversations

It came in neon green, which I have been telling my mother since 9th grade is the only color that looks horrid on me- give me navy before you give me acid green.
Finally, my TopShop review, coming from the utmost Reccesionista- $200 plus bucks- two items. I've done better at the Barney's Warehouse but hey grand opening prices may soon go lower. I have to give TopShop a chance, at least a full year so I can study prices a little better, for now, I love my purchases and my experience so I'll just keep praying for that $600 gown to be marked down!