Getting Your Skin Summer Ready Deux -Leave It to the Professionals

I know it's a recession and everyone is trying to scrimp and save because they feel like it's what you are suppose to do. Polls show that employees whom are more polished and groom are more likely to retain their positions, than those that don't. Grooming shows discipline and esteem. Now, in the case of getting summer ready, I suggest that rather than stop all beauty routines simply do a little more research on smaller spas and salons and ask for specials. This is the time to bargain!

Yesterday's post was about how at home you can make yourself summer sexy but sometimes, with all the products in the world, you still need help from the pros. So check out my list below:

1.Nail Technician
For the life of me , I can not give myself a decent mani/pedi. My hands are not stable, I can't cut my own cuticles, I am a wreck. Crusty feet are a no no! I think you should be thrown in jail if your feet look more like hooves than anything else. Every urban area has an influx of nail salons, it's all about finding the right one with the right price and service. To stay within a budget, try to make your nails last by applying topcoat every other day and also pumice your feet while showering. Also, go for lighter colors- nudes, pinks because if they chip- it's harder to detect!

2. Body treatments at Spas
Your body is your temple. Sisters have a hard time deeming themselves worthy to get spa treatments- I think it's a terrible aspect of our culture. I say break that mold and get a body treatment to bring you up to summer sexiness. Whether it's a bikini wax, back facial, body scrub or all of the above- You deserve it., as well as are all excellent websites to find great spas at great prices. You all know how I raved and raved about my body polish from VadaSpa, I have already booked another!

3. Esthetician
A great facial or microdermabrasion, can get rid of that yucky mucky winter complexion. Whether a full facial with extractions or just a mask. Your face is the first thing people see, and skin is a portal to lifestyle. Aveda Institute as well as Christine Valmy have excellent student clinics that charge less than $40 bucks for their facials.

4. Hairdresser
Give yourself a good trim, a gloss and a major deep condition. Harsh dry winter air can kill ends. In addition, harmful sun rays can turn color brassy. A gloss will add depth to your locks as well as protect it. Moroccan Oil or Kerastase are excellent deep conditioners that help restore protein and keratin to your locks! Your neighborhood salon can do that for you and they are usually price friendly!

June starts next week and although Mother Nature is not cooperating, I say get a jump on your beauty treatments. Remember you only have one life so treat yourself well!