How Long Would You Wait in Line?

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Jimmy Choo- two hours, TopShop three hours, H&M one hour- I maybe crazy for fashion, but not to this extent. So far this year the longest I've waited was at the Kenneth Cole sample sale- 20 minutes. Even better, back in 1999 yes pre millennium, I stood online for two whole hours to get a Fendi baguette. Now, I am not shaming any of the people who will wait for three hours in 30 degree weather to get another- Stam bag. I am far from the patron saint of less is more. A majority of time, I am not that rational about fashion- five pairs of sequin shoes- hello? Honestly, I don't have the patience, sale or no sale. Am I a snob-maybe or it's possible those lines are a wake up call that I don't really need any additions to my wardrobe- again think of my collection of sequin or my growing number of hot pink dresses- I'm up to six yes six.

When I look at these lines, I see fashion zombies that have lost their damn minds. Many times, I think it's really people wanting to be a part of something, the bargain really isn't the factor. If there is even a true bargain to begin with. Take the Choo sale yesterday where the price point was far from amazing. Does Jimmy Choo cost a lot- yes is $250 for them a bargain- yes to some, no to me. I've bought Sergio Rossi for $50, Gucci for $75- Prada for $85 so Jimmy Choo at $250 is not that amazing.

I know you're thinking- what Shop, Eat and Sleep is a shopaholic, she should have been on that line with a beach chair and cooler. Funny, but I actually don't believe that every sale is worth it and yes I may preach "Shop on every Day that ends in Y." Most of the time, I do actually rationalize my purchases and access my wardrobe before I contemplate hitting up a sample sale. If I don't have that voice of reason, there is a strong possibility that I may end up either broke or on Style Network's Clean House.

Tell me readers, what is the longest you've ever waited on line to buy something? Also, do you think I'm crazy for not going to the Choo sale?