Nightout Playlist

Cause when he acts wrong
that's when you put it on,
Been on him up tight this is your song
Hold out your back
time to impress
Pull out your freakum dress

OOOh as I child of the 80’s. I watched my ever too fly momma get ready to Alexander O’Neal- ooh he and Cher’lle. Fast forward to this century and her darling one and only has quite a selection of top 40 singles she gets dressed to.
For the past two years- yep two straight years I’ve been blasting "Freakum Dress"the soundtrack of my wardrobe! Most recently, I switched up – shower to "Live Your Life"- T.I.P. is the best! I think however, I’ve moved on to Drake- “ Best I Ever Had” followed by "A Milli" drop "Cherchez Ghostface" throw in a little "Big Momma Thang" while I pick out my shoes or apply that last dash of eyeliner and I'm off! Recently I've added this to my list:

Fresh Azimiz by Bow Wow

Ye ain't ridin (ye ain't ridin)
Ye ain't bumpin like I'm bumpin
Ye ain't sayin nuthin homie
Ye ain't freshazimiz
Ye ain't got it (ye ain't got it)
You don't keep it thuggin like I keep it thuggin
Lil buddy you ain't fresh azimiz

My homegirl Nikk gets did up to The Dream's "Rockin That Thang."
Hip Hop aficionado Calis, has an endless supply of jams so he can get in the party state of mind some if them are "Blame It" by Jamie Foxx and "Pop Champagne"- No comment!

So what jams do you listen to while getting ready?