Shiny Happy Things

It took me quite some time to become an American Apparel fan. I've never been a tee shirt kind of gal and that is all I ever thought they carried. I was converted to the cult of Dov,while searching for a Hip-Hop Karaoke outfit some time last year. I had an epiphany right in AA and found the worn on every single person in the world- faux leather shiny leggings. After seeing them on every soul from the hood to Hollywood, I went back this weekend. Once again, AA tricked me! Check out these magnificent pieces:

Shiny High Waist Skirt $44

Foil Print Mini $48

Shiny leggings $42

Yes, there is a pattern hear- My love of shiny highly reflective clothing items. I wear these things so that I won't get hit by a car-duh! No truly, I just think I'm country or in my past life I was a Vegas showgirl circa 1962. The best thing is that all of these pieces are under $50 bucks! Stay tuned for pics of these pieces on their night out! Stay dry!