Steal vs. Splurge YSL Caged Bootie


It's a 3 day weekend, I'm keeping it short! Everyone has been going crazy off the YSL birdcage booties, I'm wondering how because they are a guap- yes, a guap $1k which is crazy! Even crazier is that $1k is the sale price, originally $1600. Not price wise but seriously, these damn shoes have to be the most requested on a rap video/ seen on every hood blog shoe this season and again at $1k- Egad! Well lucky, while roaming the Banana Republic website recently, btw stay tuned to my Dear Gap Inc. post next week, I came across a pretty good YSL inspired shoe for 83% less than the inspiration! Pretty cute and they even named it the Michelle!

photo courtesy of Banana Republic

Enjoy your weekend, remember that next week kicks off first markdown at most of your major retailers, there will be a post on that as well! I'm off to marinate some steak!