Summer W.T.F.?

photo courtesy of Target

I don't think I 'm the only one dying for summer to rear it's stunning little head. It's 50 degrees and just three weeks ago it was 80 something. Is it a sign of global warming, El Nino, Mt. Saint Helena, I don't know, I know this late March weather is a killer on my soul. I want to start popping tags on my Spring/Summer wardrobe and can't because I would look like a damn fool. I love my coats, but, I am tired, tired of them!

Sorry for the rant but, I must vent on to shopping news, M.Willy a.k.a. Matthew Williamson launched the second part of his H&M colllabo last Thursday, it's in all the stores, I wasn't drawn to anything again, thank you Linda for the belt- you rock! Target launched it's Go International collabo with Tracy Feith- a favorite of Michelle Obama. In sadder news, Bendel's will no longer carry clothing but, all of it is going to East Village bargain lover Gabay's later this week!

Let's pray for better weather!