Fill your wardrobe gaps with Summer Sales

What I love the most about late June is second markdown at some of my favorite stores. Summer sales are the best time to fill the voids/gaps in your wardrobe. I know you're saying what voids/ what gaps? If you don't have any excellent, then save your money or treat yourself whatever floats your boat. But if you are one of those panicky shoppers who run around the week before an event that you've known about for months, you should be taking advantage of summer sales. Christenings, last minute vacays, weddings even interviews. Please don't be the person running around placing phone calls, driving sales associates mad because you waited the last minute. There is a plethora of swimwear, sexy sandals, summer suits and evening wear that gets deeply discounted. Do me a favor and don't give me the excuse you're saving money usually your not. Since you wait until the last minute, you usually pay full price and you're usually not that happy with your outfit. Don't you want to feel amazing that not only you paid a great price but your purchase was low pressure? It makes a tremendous difference and you know it does. You can totally tell the difference between a person who is secure with their outfit and someone who flew into a store and did crash shopping. I have friends who have very amazing wardrobes and when they step out they feel great. Their esteem comes from knowing they didn't spend much and their outfit was planned.

Summer sales are everywhere- H&M, YSL, Barney's, Loehmann's and Macy's. Check into your favorite store and don't forget to take your shopping list with you! Go forth and be fly!

P.S. 11:59 pm EST is the deadline for the Shamelessly Shoppertunistic Contest! In 50 words or less tell me how you are Shamelessly Shoppertunistic- email me ! It's free money!