So Long My Friends

The greatest sidekick, an iconic beauty and of course the greatest of all time.

Just the other day I was joking about MJ wearing a Balmain jacket. I think my parents bought three copies of Thriller for me and till this day Vincent Price's narrative of Thriller gives me the chills. I use to ask my mom why do people cry when they go to a Michael Jackson concert- He's the greatest, Shaun- that was her answer. Royalty has passed, so long my friend, so long!

As a kid I had a strong belief that one day Ed McMahon would show up at my front door one day with a check from Publisher's Clearance House. I even practiced my scream and told my Mom to always be ready in case the camera crew showed up. Good night Ed!

The 80's had some of the best syndicated series and I looked forward to Charlie's Angels episodes like no other. With her bouncy feathered hair, copied by so many women, who hasn't do the Angel's pose.