Summer Wardrobe Basic- The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit is everywhere. It is the Dress of the New Millennium. An easy piece that can be dressy or casual depending upon fabric and like the dress, it's sexy and so very fem. I have always loved jumpsuits. Is it trendy, I don't think so- Jumpsuits have been around for a while, I would say it's more of a revival. Jumpsuits have always been in fashion, this season, they have made a major comeback. All the major designers showcased a jumpsuit whether denim, silk, strapless or halter- it is a Summer necessity. Every designer and major retailer is carrying some form of the jumpsuit, and if you can get a cute vintage one, rock it till the wheels fall off. Here are a few jumpsuits high and low priced that are amazing. As a reminder, the jumpsuit isn't for everyone- like spandex and white jeans- it's a privilege not a right to wear! Depending upon the length, a jumpsuit looks great with a pair of flats, but to add some glitz, throw on a pair of pumps and huge hoops to balance the length!



Jay Godfrey Strapless Silk Jumpsuit