Summer Wardrobe Basic- The White Jean

White Jeans are a luxury. Think about it, they can be very unforgiving and easy to get dirty and summer is short so you don't get enough wears. I am here to save the day! I found a pair that are sexy and cheap at you guessed it Forever 21 for $13.50. I love a white jean with a stunning tunic, it screams Oak Bluffs porch swing- I lament. The denim is great, not to heavy not to light. It has stretch to get over my thighs and I figure for the price, if they get dirty or icky I've gotten a decent wear out of them. I am praying for warmer weather so I can throw these bad boys on with my Jack Rogers and channel my inner Jackie O! But before you put them on here are a few rules to wearing them:
1. Be super cautious about your underwear-
Wear either flesh or black underwear- white will show! Please keep the multicolored textured panties for another day.
2. It's a privilege not a right to wear white jeans.
If you don't have the best physique- stay away.
3. Make sure your tops and bag don't bleed.
It can be very hard to get fabric dye out of other materials.
4. Keep the rest of your outfit in sync-
No uggs, or winterish tops- it's summer be consistent!
5. Monochrome is easy but go for lighter colors to coordinate.
Gold and pink go really well with white!
Anonymous said...

what???? monochrome like the milkman or a nurse:)
also picking the right cut for your shape (skinny, bootcut/ankle/bermuda)