The Art of the ReSale Shop

If you have some designer castoffs that you are having major post fashion distress, then a resale shop is the place to ward your wardrobe of those evil vibes and pocket some cash as a result. Before you go dragging your Gap jeans from 10th grade I have a few tips for you.

Shop The Shop

There are quite a few amazing resale shops out there but, it's best that you do your homework. Google secondhand, resale or consignment shop make a list of three and visit them. Since you are going to sell your things there, look at the shop from a business perspective. Do my items belong here, is the staff friendly, are the prices decent- once you weigh the pros and cons head over to start selling.

Check out the Store's Policy

Resale Shops have varying policies including, sell cycles, post purchase or upfront payment as well as fees collected etc. Before you decide to drop off any items, review the best policy and see if it's a good match for you.

A ReSale Shop is in Biz for You Second

By selling your wears to a consignment shop, you enter a partnership, where the store and you share the profits of your item. For example, you drop off a dress that you and the store agree to sell for $200. If the dress sells within the sell cycle at the full $200 from the customer,you will get a percentage of that between 30-70% of the price.

There Is Something Call Depreciation

Yeah depreciation and clothing depreciates very quickly. So those YSL bird cage booties, you never wore, but paid a grip for; yeah they are now half of the grip you paid. I know you are surprised but items that are very trendy get the lowest prices from consignment stores. Also, what you paid months, seasons or years ago is not going to be the same price when you hit the store.

Pssssst! Here's a few of my favorite Resale Shops here in NY:

INA 15 Bleeker Street 212.228.8511

Encore 1132 Madison Avenue 212.879. 2850

Michael's 1041 Madison Avenue 212.737.7273