By Invite Only

Exclusivity fosters insanity especially when it comes to shopping. You have either given or received an invite to these recent very exclusive shopping websites. Gilt Groupe, RueLaLa, Ideeli are all the new rage with online shopping.

Private sale e-commerce is the new black. In the early days of online discount shopping, BlueFly and Amazon was all the rage. Bluefly gave way to Overstock as well as a few others. The trick with private sale sites is that merchandise is usually highend, RueLaLa had YSL, Gilt Groupe had Oscar de la Renta most recently. The second trick to private shopping sites are limited time offers. Merchandise is sold over a set time period some times as short as hours or as long as an entire week. Last, the major trick is that you have to be a member and you have to be invited- I am so channeling Jack and Jill and Links- hahahaha!

Here is a list of the best private sale sites. Ask your friends if they are members and if not, you can sign up for their waiting list. Here is a lil secret of you shoot me an email- I can speed up your process!

Top Five Private Sale Sites: