Lust List Freakum Dress

Cause when he acts up, that's when you put it on
Get him uptight, this is your song
Hold out your back, it's time to impress
Pull out your Freakum Dress

-Beyonce Freakum Dress

Last week I arrived a tad bit early for a meeting and ran into Loehmann's for a quick fashion fix. They are having an amazing sale- 40% OFF all purple sticker items- I saw a pair of DVF shoes for $24 bucks which I do not need. After browsing their bag section which has really stepped up, I saw quite a few cute Marc Jacobs. I stepped into the dress section and what did I see, but the uber Freakum Dress by Rebecca Minkoff. Here is a front view:

Nice, simple sexy LBD but check out the back

Short and Backless

Oooh- wee, the V back with zipper accents is sexy as hell and while going for $250 as we speak, it's pretty good considering the original price was $450. This dress spells action and there is a rumor that it also comes in red, fierce baby fierce! I love dresses that give you a great exits, love it! Whoi would have thought Loehmann's.