Stop Shopping Start Selling Part II

Clean House has made the garage sale cool again. Remember garage or stoop sales if you are in NYC are very labor intensive, check out these tips to make your yard, sidewalk or stoop sale the best!

1. Merchandise
You wouldn't believe how many sales I go to where shoes are with sheet music and next to hot dog carts-uuugh! The less organized, the less people are likely to buy. Keep books with books, shoes with shoes you get the point. Even though it's not in a store, you should still treat it as a retail destination.

2. Be Flexible
Expect for customers to want to bargain. Don't stick firm to a price due to greed! If you want to get rid of it and the price being offered is reasonable go with it. It's better to make something than nothing- this is not a weekly thing.

3. Advertise before and during the Sale
Post hot pink fliers around your neighborhood. Pay some kids to hand out fliers the day of. Post a huge sign on both ends of the block directing passersby to your sale. You want people to want to come to this!

4. Keep Change
Yes, you need to have at least 100 dollars in change and you may need to do quite a few change runs to keep up with the $20 dollar society we live in. No one wants to wait around while you try to find change, it's not a good look.

5. Do the Up Sale
Get one on one with your customer. Compliment them, show them items they may like. If they have kids, chat them up, even if you don't ell anything at least you put good energy out there!

Stay Tuned tomorrow for Selling on the Internet!