What To Wear to A Summer Wedding

This BCBG dress is a perfect wedding guest outfit

It's the season to be catching bouquets, dancing with your college roommates drunk uncle and using all your upper body strength to cut through chicken with rice pilaf. We are full swing into wedding season and if I hear another, I don't know what I am going to wear, I may kill someone. So below are a couple of Fashion Do's and Don'ts for wedding guest attire as well as a few recessionista ideas. Have a great holiday weekend- I'll kick off Monday with our Slim and Sleek Giveaway Winner!

Wedding Fashion Do's and Dont's

1. Check The Invite For Dress Code Details

The wedding invitation is one of the most coded pieces of paper in the world. From just those few words you can detect who is paying for the wedding, whether the Bride's parents are married or divorced etc. In many cases the actual dress code is posted; Black tie, festive, semi formal- you get it. Use that as your guide. If no dress code is printed, take into account what time and where it's taking place. 10 am at a Catholic church, keep your sequin backless mini for another time. Sunset on the beach- think comfy shoes, no stilettos.

2. Don't Over Think It

Don't call the bride and ask her the wedding colors. Besides it will be hard as hell avoiding wearing a color someone if at most the wedding party may wear.

3. It's A Party But Still Be Appropriate

That goes for guys and girls. Not everyday you get to go to weddings so put some effort into it as well as appropriateness. Ladies, scratch the club outfit, under no circumstances should you even think it's okay, it's not! Guys, once you reach a certain point, you should own a decent suit. No one is going to think you are in the wedding party. Baggy khakis are illegal and if you take off your button down you should be shot!

4. Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

Previous post let all of my readers know that I detest last minute special occasion shoppers. It's not because I like to plan outfits but, a majority of last minute shoppers are never happy with their attire and they tend to show it. You know, you go up to your former sorority sister and she gives you the once over and keeps conversation short after saying " I'm surprised you look so great!" Yeah, take the time out to get a decent outfit together, if not you will overspend and be miserable and hating on me!

5. Don't Wear White

First, I'd like to say- Duh and Duh again! There are a shitload of options in prints and color you can wear, stay away from White, it's declasse and takes away from the bride- case closed.

Check Out These Fab and Frugal Ideas

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