Cheap Beauty Tip

I haven't hit you with a beauty tip in a minute but the wait has been worth it. Ladies, E.L.F. Foundation brush is the shiznit! Yes shiznit, da bomb whatever I love this damn thing. Even better it's $1 yes a buck! If you are a foundation wearer or even concealer, this brush allows you to apply your liquid makeup in the best possible way. Before I knew better, I was a fingertip person for years and then I started using sponges. Over the weekend in an act of boredom I decided to play around with some untouched makeup products. I mixed foundations Teak from L'Oreal and 80 watts from Stila. In addition, I added a drop of Armani liquid bronzer for my signature dewiness. I dipped the brush in the foundation and began to paint on my face stroking away from my face. No streaks, no cracks best blend ever I love it. Nothing beats a great tip for applying make-up and keeping it super cheap is even better!
The best thing is that E.L.F. is carried at of course Jack's World but they also have a website click here! Please thank me later!