Coming Out of the Closet

Pictured Above: A pair of vintage costume earrings found in my closet. Bought circa 2001

Last week I was feeling super productive and decided to conquer a task that I've been declining to handle for quite some time. I have a huge closet which has turned into a hysterical den of no return. In a fury of positivity and after watching an episode of Clean House, I decided to face the boogie man and get to organizing. It took some time and quite a few garbage bags, but, I got it done and even racked up quite a few lost treasures in the process. Some tragedies some treasures like my Avirex from 1996 or my middle school uniform. Look at this Southwestern inspired necklace that was hiding from me.

It's a litle to warm to rock this right now due to its weight but, I can't wait until Fashion Week to pull this out!

I also found these super cute bracelets that I have been wearing all this week!

Here is the entire booty of lost treasures

Pretty cool wouldn't you say?

It is quite hot to be purging your closet or trying to find misplaced treasures but I strongly suggest that the next day we have low humidity or all day thunderstorms, tackle your closet and see what you discover you will be surprised.