Dog Days, Summer Hair

Summer and great blow-outs don't mix with me. For years my tresses battled with the humidity and well, Mother Nature won. I'd wear a series of buns blah blah to avoid the forces that be. Like Oprah, I had an Aha Moment and decided to just let it go curly. Why fight nature, I know my limitations and so with help of a few products, I have been rocking this look for a minute.

Major difference from what I am known for but honestly, it's super simple to achieve.

After washing with a moisture rich shampoo, I pat dry and apply a leave in conditioner. After combing thru, I take small sections of hair and wrap around my finger and pin to my scalp. Applying a dime size amount of Lottabody Setting Lotion to each section as I go. If you are familiar with pin curls, you will have no problem. Check out this Youtube tutorial if you are not to sure. If I want a super tight curl, I divide into super small sections, for a looser a curl, larger sections. I let my hair dry over night and when I am all set, I take the pins out and finger comb to style the sections.
This was my first attempt, which I was super happy about.

Now I am into week 8 of this style and loving it. The curls are fun and free and makes me look a little younger. What do you think?