A Moment in Time

Naomi Sims, a true pioneer in fashion passed away this weekend. Sims graced the cover of Ladies Home Journal back in 1968 the first black model to be on a mainstream magazine. Sims went on to model for Halston, Bill Blass and also land the covers of Cosmo and Life magazine. Sims was also one of the first models to venture into branding. Sims had a line of books, wigs and cosmetics. She is credited as being an iconic factor to the the Black is Beautiful movement. You will be missed Ms. Sims! To read more about the life of Naomi Sims, click here and here .

In more Black Supermodel news, Beverly Johnson has an anniversary. This week marks the 35th anniversary of her Vogue cover. The Buffalo native has gone on like Sims to create a wig collection as well. In any time my mom sees Beverly on tv she recalls that Vogue cover and how she followed her career and was so in awe of her! Thank you Beverly!